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Conductor | Educator | Vocologist

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Grant Farmer is committed to excellence in performance and preparation in the choral arts. With experience in ensembles of every variety, he specializes in merging healthy voice production, as a vocologist, with meaning and enlightened performance artistry. His primary goals are to help others achieve their potential through the art of voice and connect with the community, both local and global, through a wide array of repertoire. Please check out his bio for more details.

"Grant made me enjoy choir again for the first time in many years. He always has full control over the group, uses all time efficiently, and conducts with passion. I hope to work with him in the future – he is a fantastic conductor to sing for."

"Great professor and even more amazing conductor!"

"Professor Farmer does an amazing job of balancing having fun and being focused. He is a very effective conductor and always tries to be encouraging and uplifting to all the members within the choir. He lays out his expectations and hold members of the group accountable. "

"Professor Farmer does an amazing job of making the choir class fun and engaging. He is a great and expressive conductor that makes the singers want to do better." 

"Professor Farmer is super engaging with his students and is super fun with his teaching. I gained a better understanding of how to sing the pieces we have thanks to him."

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